Debian 11 upgrade to Debian 12 bookworm

The developers of the distribution announced today the new major version Debian 12 bookworm. Currently no ISOs have been released for a clean install although we wouldn't recommend it.debian 11 bullseye

To upgrade your system it would be best to wait for version 12.1 which will be released next month. Why; Debian 12 comes June 10 but with some bugs.

But if you are not holding back like me, below we will see how you can upgrade an existing installation 11.

First update Debian 11 fully and delete unneeded packages. Run the commands:

 apt update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt full upgrade
sudo apt autoremove

Then we need to change the file /etc/apt/sources.list adding Debian 12 “bookworm” where it says “bullseye”.

Reboot and continue

If you want to change the urls of the repositories manually you should use the nano editor from the terminal.
sudo /etc/apt/sources.list

But before opening nano you can do it easily with below command

sudo sed -i 's/bullseye/bookworm/g' /etc/apt/sources.list

Now you can open the list to add a non-free-firmware that is needed.

The original Debian listing should look like:

deb bookworm main deb-src bookworm main deb bookworm-security main deb-src bookworm-security main deb bookworm-updates main deb-src debian/ bookworm-updates main

In the first line you should add non-free-firmware , and so it will

deb bookworm main non-free-firmware

If you want you can add the non-free contribs as well. This is how it's gonna happen

deb bookworm main non-free-firmware contrib non-free

Let's start with the upgrade.

sudo apt update sudo apt full upgrade

Make coffee and wait for the upgrade process to finish. If you see the following image in the terminal press yes


After completion do a reboot

sudo systemctl reboot

When he opens ς ελέγξτε την έκδοση του Debian με την εντολή

cat /etc/debian_version

screenshot 2023 06 10 20 13 35

Of course it would be good to remove the old packages that are not needed

sudo apt --purge autoremove The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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Debian 12

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