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The famous torrent site RARBG has closed down after 15 years of operation. It was especially beloved in illegal torrenting circles specializing in movies. Which websites will take its place?

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RARBG was established in 2008 and since then it has been operating continuously for 15 years. Until a few days ago announced the termination of his services for various reasons such as health issues related to COVID which led to the tragic death of one of those involved.

The war between Russia and Ukraine also affected the group, with RARBG suggesting it had members fighting on both sides.

Rising data center operating costs in Europe also played a role. With struggling to keep up with rising costs, shutting down the site ultimately seemed like the best solution.

Of course, the void left by RARBG will be replaced very quickly by many would-be replacements. The history of illegal websites ei is full of such examples as remind one of the Lernaean hydra. You cut off one head, two come out.

Since these types of sites make huge profits from advertising, we will soon see other similar sites taking the lion's share.

But what are these sites that can fill the void of RARBG? Let's look at the five most famous ones that have good prospects.


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Please be aware that downloading copyrighted movies, games, TV series, music, apps, etc. is ILLEGAL and carries severe fines.

Although the P2P technique is not illegal and there are a lot of legal torrents, if the content is governed by copyright in your country you should not download it.

So the use of the following torrent sites is entirely at your own risk and we do not encourage you to make illegal use at all. iGuru and its partners are not responsible for any illegal acts of yours and any penalties that may result.

The following list is given for research purposes only and for knowledge of what is out there in the vast world of the internet. To conduct your research and only if your country has blocks their ip through internet providers, you can easily change DNS and see them normally.

Due to their illegal activity, there is a possibility that the users behind these sites may track you for the purpose of hacking. However, we recommend that you always use a VPN so that that no one can from these sites to track your activity.


YTS is as famous as RARBG. For many years he has been uploading films and even with his own compressions. His name at the end of torrent names is considered by many to be a guarantee of the quality of the illegal movie.

The name YTS has been used by several sites, possibly due to the internal split of the original group (YIFY). Due to their illegal activity it is not possible to tell which site is the real YTS, but the it has a good track record and no unpleasant guests.

It has a beautiful and clean interface, you can instantly see the latest movies, it supports user comments and a lot of information about each movie it uploads.


1337x has a steady presence in the space. It has a dedicated team of uploaders uploading fresh content. Despite the obstacles placed by ISPs in many countries, its circulation continues to grow.

In 2016 he made a renewal of his design and his appearance is simple, simple, without many photos and a lot of frou-frou. But the features fresh content on a daily basis.

It doesn't only target movies but has a wide range in all genres like music, tv, games and apps.

The Pirate Bay

torrent, rarbg, seed

And yet the Pirate Bay is still here!! After a lot of trouble, repeated outages, The Pirate Bay has now dropped quite a bit in the rankings.

However it still exists and continues to attract people under the .org domain. It exists in other proxies, but the classic one lives and reigns.

Registrations remain closed and comments are still disabled, but you can download torrents uploaded by its already registered users. And it is enough on a daily basis.



TorrentGalaxy is a relatively new site, only four years old, but it has good reviews and traffic.

Its appearance is the "classic" of movie sites, with many scrolling photos of new movies and colors. It has an active community and a dedicated group of users who are constantly uploading fresh content.

In addition to torrents, it also offers direct streaming of movies, series and XXX.

lime torrents

LimeTorrents has been around for 6 years and "keeps well". Simple in appearance, but with a wide range of daily torrents.

Apart from movies, it also contains series, music, games and apps. Pay some attention to the exact domain as there are unrelated proxies out there. The current site is the

Fake and dangerous torrent

When you move in illegal places don't expect everything to be rosy. You're not only at risk because you're downloading an illegal product, but because there are plenty of savvy torrenters out there trying to make money off of you.

And as you realize you can't complain because you already have your nest dirty. But you can be careful by following some simple, common sense rules and reading the signs. Such as:

  • Always read the comments from any torrent that may warn you of the danger

  • Do not trust torrents with many seeds that have little or no comments

  • Prefer AVI and MKV files and avoid WMA, WMV,

  • Be careful with compressed files such as RAR, TAR, ACE or if they have an unzip code

  • Always use a good antivirus program. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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  1. PSA. With good encoding, polyphonic sound, good picture (compared to RARBG at almost 85-95% – with minimal problem in the blacks of the picture) and permanently with low volume in the sound that forces you to add ~10 db to your amplifier, to you have a full sound effect.
    One more thing. Perhaps with not as even a separation of the many audio channels as RARBG. However, it is still the best solution for the time being.

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