Build a lightweight debloated Windows 11 yourself

Windows 11 is great, but it's a very heavy operating system, not to mention the hardware requirements and a bunch of unnecessary apps.

A simple and light Windows, like the tiny11 recently released (there's also a separate ARM64 version), is ideal, but installing such operating systems made by strangers carries risks and raises privacy concerns.

Below we will see how you can do a debloated Windows 11 yourself.

windows 11 4k

The developer behind the Tiny11 project has published a 15-minute video detailing every step of creating a Windows 11 light ISO. You can follow the video to create a similar installation media and then use it without fear of installation of the operating system.

Note that uninstalling Windows 11 does not remove the activation feature, so you will need a valid license key before continuing.

The good thing is that with Windows 11 you can use a matching SKU key (Home or Pro) from any previous version of Windows up to Windows 7.

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