EETT: ISPs must declare the real internet speeds

EETT states that from today, November 25, 2020, the provisions of the National Open Internet Regulation (EKAD) for speeds in fixed connections come into force.

Greek internet providers should now inform the subscribers of the fixed networks about the real (expected) speeds of their connection, and not the advertised ones.

Connection providers should inform subscribers of the minimum, maximum and available speed expected in of each consumer. The update concerns new subscribers as well as existing subscribers.

Update on connection speeds is now part of the terms of the contract, and the subscriber now has compensation or reparation in case of repeated deviations from the minimum speed.

Complaints from subscribers about discrepancies will be made through it of each company's customer service something that will automatically start one control, with the measuring tools available.

Subscribers can contact the companies for more information from the following links: Cosmote, Nova, Vodafone, Wind.

It is expected that there will be personalized information to the subscribers about the changes of the terms of the contract, through their account via SMS or via an email.

Read the full text of EKAD from the PDF.. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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