File Encryption and Decryption easily and quickly

Το GnuPG είναι μια πλήρης και εφαρμογή του OpenPGP όπως ορίζεται από το RFC4880 (επίσης γνωστό ως PGP).

GnuPG lets you encrypt and sign your data and communications. It has a flexible key management system, along with access modules for all types of public key directories

GnuPG, also known as GPG, is a line tool , with features for easy integration with other applications. A plethora of frontend applications and libraries are available. GnuPG also provides support for S/MIME and Secure Shell (ssh).

Let's create a simple text file with the help of the gedit tool that is already preinstalled on Kali Linux.

To create a file, type

Command: gedit iguru.txt

To encrypt this file, type the following command:

Command: gpg -c iguru.txt

which also asks you to set your password and will create a new file with the name iguru.txt.gpg

Enter “ls”To list all the files in the current directory and as you can see, we now have two files, i.e. iguru.txt in the upcoming years, while iguru.txt.gpg (which were encrypted) and are very difficult to recover or break.

To view the contents of the encrypted file, type “ iguru.txt.gpg”As shown below:

To decrypt the same file, type “gpg iguru.txt.gpg”In the same terminal that exports the original file. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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