Epic Games today's games for free

As promised, Epic Games opened its "doors" today her online store, with a small selection of computer games.

The online Store will be free of charge from a game every two weeks until 2019.
Epic Games
Epic Games currently has titles from smaller studios. So at this moment there are: Ashen from Annapurna / A44, Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek from tinyBuild, and Genesis Alpha One from Team17.

Of course, you'll also have access to proprietary game titles such as Shadow Complex Remastered and Fortnite.

You will also find THQ Nordic's Darksiders III (already in Steam) and Hades of Supergiant Games.

It will be interesting to see if Epic Games manages to get some of the huge part of the Steam market.

Here, let us mention that the best revenue offers can attract developers, but the players' involvement is considered to be more important and is definitely the biggest challenge for each company.



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