Ransomware attacks will be treated as terrorism

The impact of recent ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure in the United States has provoked a backlash from the prosecutor's office.

An internal letter states that all inquiries for ransomware should be centrally coordinated by a newly established working group in Washington.


According to Reuters, the internal letter he says:

"To ensure that we can make the necessary connections between national, global affairs and research, which will allow us to develop a comprehensive picture of the national and economic threats we face, we need to strengthen and consolidate our internal monitoring."

This model of research and cooperation is used only in a few areas related to national security, e.g. terrorism. According to US officials, this shows how the ransomware issue is given immediate priority.

According to Reuters, this means that investigators will have to share details of the case and active technical information with a team led by the Washington investigation. It also means they will have guidance from Washington on how to proceed. If the new model is implemented, it will probably lead to a better understanding of the ransomware landscape.

In his recent executive order to improve cyber security, President Biden has already pointed out that the United States is facing persistent and increasingly sophisticated cyber malware campaigns. The second part of the letter entitled "Removing barriers to the sharing of threat information" seems to be starting a new collaboration.

This is an international collaboration called Task Force Ransomware (RTF). It is a think tank consisting of more than 60 volunteer experts representing organizations, industries and governments. In his report (PDFRTF recommends that any ransomware be treated as a threat to national security.

"Software attacks have shut down critical national resource operations, including military installations. In 2019, a ransomware attack stopped U.S. Coast Guard operations for 30 hours, and in February 2020, a ransomware attack on a gas pipeline operator shut down operations for two days. "Attacks on the energy grid, nuclear power plants, waste treatment plants or any number of critical assets could have catastrophic consequences, including human casualties."

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