Erebus: A fast vulnerability scanner

The Erebus is used to control each parameter on targets, based on Yaml templates and provide fast scanning on a large number of servers.

The Erebus offers many useful features, including a spy proxy that allows researchers to browse the site, click on links, and erebus will test every parameter that passes through the proxy server.

Usage Mode



Installing it Erebus

O GO111MODULE = off go get -u -v
erebus -ut

Standards Erebus

The Erebus has built-in support for automatic updating / downloading templates ( ). The Erebus-Templates project provides a list of ready-to-use templates that can be used in your tests.

You can use the flag -ut to update the templates at any time.

Setting it Erebus Interceptor

Make sure you have a proxy set up in your browser before using erebus interceptor. For firefox, go to

arrow_forward Settings arrow_forward Generally arrow_forward Network settings arrow_forward Manual proxy configuration

Type to the HTTP proxy server and then to the port number we put 8080. Also use the proxy server for FTP and HTTPS

Install SSL certificates for HTTPS

I have given you the certificates that you can use for the check HTTPS, all you need to do is install them from:

arrow_forward Settings arrow_forward Privacy & Security arrow_forward Certificates arrow_forward View certificates arrow_forward Introduction arrow_forward

Select the file .crt in the catalog erebus and proceed with the installation.


The command will display the help menu for the tool. Here are all the switches it supports :.

Intercept and Crawl on HTTP

erebus -t erebus-templates / xss-reflected.yaml -interceptor -crawl -scope ". *. \."

Intercept and Crawl on HTTPS

erebus -t erebus-templates / xss-reflected.yaml -interceptor -crawl -secure -scope ". *. \."

Tool Chaining Usage


threw out "" | left | erebus -t erebus-templates / xss-reflected.yaml
▶ cat alive | left | erebus -t erebus-templates / xss-reflected.yaml

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