Europe is terminating roaming charges on mobile phones

The European Council yesterday adopted the legal act limiting the money that mobile roaming companies will charge, which is the final step before the final cessation of these charges.roaming


The script "roaming as if you were in your batch"Will enter into force throughout the European Union on 15 June. A preliminary agreement to end charges for all EU citizens using their mobile device in another European country other than their own was agreed in June 2015.

This February reached the final agreement between the EU executive body, the European Commission and the European Parliament. The vote of the European Council was the last obstacle.

In a statement yesterday by the Council, Dr Emmanuel Mallia, Malta's Minister, said that"Today's final vote in the Council paves the way for free roaming. When Europeans go on holiday this summer, they will be able to enjoy the freedom to stay in touch and use the Internet as if they were at home. "The EU has made our lives easier in a very practical way."

In addition to the 28 Member States, the roaming charge will also apply to the countries of the European Economic Area, ie Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

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Concerning the final stages of the complete abolition of roaming charges, the agreed text of the Roaming Regulation should be signed by the Council and the EU Parliament in mid-May and published in the Official Journal of the EU by the end of May. Beyond that, it will take effect three days after the publication, with a final date of June 15.

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