Facebook announced its renaming to Meta

At Facebook Connect 2021, the company announced a complete rebranding with a new focus on metaverse. Do not worry, your social applications will not go anywhere, just Facebook he said his new identity: Meta

In a move that was expected (we had also predicted the name), Facebook has created a new identity with a focus on metaverse. So with a new name and the new logo, we welcome Meta which will replace the Facebook name.
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The new Meta logo appears in a blue color that has a different tone from Facebook Blue, and with an icon that appears to be a cross between the infinity symbol and a pair of AR or VR glasses.

Speaking at Connect 2021 keynote address, CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained that he wanted Facebook's focus to shift away from social media applications to metaverse.

Social media friends, however, should not worry. Zuckerberg said Meta would keep existing social networking applications online.

To clarify, the new brand name Meta will replace Facebook Inc., which was the company behind each FB application. This means that you will still be able to open Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Horizon and Oculus applications on your phone.

For most, rebranding in Meta does not matter. We also saw it with Google that happened A in 2015. There was no result after the name change and everyone still uses Google products to this day.

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Although rebranding will not matter much, the company will have a new focus, as the reason for this change is the company's focus on metaverse. So as consumers we will see more products and services.

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