Facebook announced its renaming to Meta

At the Connect event of , the company announced a complete rebranding with a new focus on . Don't worry, your social apps won't go anywhere, just Facebook he said his new identity: Meta

In a move that was expected (we had also predicted the name), Facebook has created a new identity with a focus on metaverse. So with a new name and the new logo, we welcome Meta which will replace the Facebook name.
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Το νέο λογότυπο για το Meta εμφανίζεται σε ένα μπλε χρώμα που έχει διαφορετικό τόνο από το μπλε του Facebook, και με ένα εικονίδιο που φαίνεται να είναι μια διασταύρωση ανάμεσα στο σύμβολο του άπειρου και ένα ζευγάρι γυαλιά AR ή .

Speaking at the Connect 2021 keynote, CEO, , explained that he wanted Facebook's focus to shift away from social media apps and into the metaverse.

Their friends however, they should not worry. Zuckerberg said Meta will keep existing social networking apps online.

To clarify, the new Meta brand name will replace Facebook Inc., which was the company behind every FB app. This means you will still be able to open Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Horizon and Oculus apps on you.

For most, rebranding in Meta does not matter. We also saw it with Google that happened A in 2015. There was no result after of the name and everyone still uses Google products to this day.

Although rebranding will not matter much, the company will have a new focus, as the reason for this change is the company's focus on metaverse. So as consumers we will see more products and services.

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