Facebook: Deleting pages that violate the rules

Facebook has announced improvements to the content quality of the pages to ensure that the content shared through its platform does not violate social media regulations.

Starting tomorrow, a new tab will be added to the control panel called "Page Quality" or "Page Quality". The new tab will allow executives to see when Facebook deletes posts that violate the platform's rules or have been deemed fake by third parties.

According with Facebook, "The new Page Quality tab is designed to help people who manage pages understand how well their Pages comply with our guidelines."Facebook

The Page quality tab will include two sections:

1. Content we recently deleted for violating Community standards and
2. Content that has recently been rated "False", "Mixture" or "False Headline" by third parties.

Page managers will be able to view the content that has been removed for various reasons (eg hate speech, violence, harassment and intimidation, naked or sexual activity and support for people and events banned on the platform), but the user with the IP that mentioned them will not appear.

In addition, Facebook said that if the behavior is repeated, the page will be down from its platform.

To address this gap, when we remove a page or group for violating our policies, we may also remove other Pages and Groups even if that particular Page or Group has not met the threshold to be unpublished on its own. To enforce this updated policy, we will look at a broad set of information, including whether we have the same people administering it, or we have a similar name to one we're removing.

The new measures are expected to be implemented in the coming weeks and we are very curious about what will happen.
How reliable are reports from third parties who may be competitors of a page?


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