Facebook targets children from 6 years old

"Internal documents show that Facebook is constantly hiring employees to build products that target children up to 6 years old and expand its user base," NBC News reports. The news network refers for the last six months.facebook dark

"Our company is making a big investment…" begins an internal Facebook document seen by NBC.
Announces that the company is dedicating a team "to make the experiences for the youth safer, more private…"
He went on to point out that this marked a new direction for Facebook, as "many of our products have historically not been designed for under 13."

The document below states that "Our work gives priority to the best interests of the child…"

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The charts depict proposed new target age groups, ranging from children 6 to 9 years old and 10 to 12 years old - along with existing targets for early adolescents 13 to 15 years, adolescents 16 to 17 years and adults. ..

Critics of the company say the documents are part of one Facebook long-term plan trying to attract newer users as quickly as possible.

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"Facebook and Instagram have repeatedly shown that we can not trust the well-being of children and adolescents," said James Steyer, founder and CEO of Common Sense Media, a nonprofit that explores the relationship between children and adolescents. of the digital world.

"They need to focus on cleaning up their existing platforms instead of trying to catch more kids on their addictive platforms at younger and younger ages."

"These documents make it clear that instead of trying to make its existing platforms less harmful to teens, Facebook's priority is to trap younger children and create a lifeline for Facebook users," the chief executive told NBC News. by Fairplay Josh Golin.

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"Despite Facebook's claims that its motivation for Instagram for children is to create a safer experience for pre-teens, it is clear that the real reason is that the company is committed to children to promote its development. "Facebook products are not safe for younger children and a company that is constantly putting higher profits than the well-being of young people."

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