Law allows the FBI to hacking in Greece

World Government Hacking for the FBI and the US authorities: On 28 April 2016 April, the US Supreme Court approved a change to the 41 article of the federal law on criminal procedure. It sounds harmless, but the effects of change will be felt around the world.

Under the law currently in force, US police officers and FBI federal agents should know where a computer is before they can get a warrant that allows them to directly hack the machine. The logic? It should be ensured that the judge who issues the warrant has jurisdiction over the physical location of the computer. fbi 1

In other words, a regional judge can not issue an investigation warrant against anyone outside his area.

According to the proposed change in the law (PDF) this geographic information will no longer be required to issue a search warrant. It will issue a single one that can be used to allow US authorities to penetrate any PC, Mac or any other device anywhere in the world.

A further law change will allow the FBI to break the computers of the victims who have already been hacked by cybercriminals. This is considered as a measure that will help identify botnets administrators.

The US Department of Justice has proposed a concrete change to the law for three years, saying it is simply a procedural issue that does not mean giving the police any additional powers.

"Instead of asking Congress for permission, the Department of Justice is trying to quietly circumvent the legislative process by pushing for a change in the law, pretending that government hacking is a simple procedural wording and not a massive change in the law that is real." said Kevin Bankston, its director Open Technology Institute of America.

"Congress must not let the Department of Justice and a dark panel of judges write the law, especially on a new and complex issue that has serious implications for privacy, security, and civil liberties. "If government hacking is to be allowed in everything, it must be done with permission from Congress, with strong safeguards and after deep research and intense discussion."

Rounding the corners…

Changing the Law as a procedural act, and not after discussions in Congress, is insidious, dangerous and unprecedented.

"It carries with it the ghost of government hacking without any discussion in Congress or any other democratic policy-making process," said Richard Salgado, Google's legal adviser.

Although lawmakers have now approved changes, the law is not yet in force. By law, Congress has until December 1st to respond to the changes before it enters into force.

So if democratic processes do not start before 1 in December of 2016, police, the FBI and other agencies will be able to hack into systems around the world. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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