EA Games Hack: how the breach was made (tip with $ 10)

Yesterday the massive data breach by Electronic Arts was announced (EA) which resulted in the theft of approximately 780 GB of data containing the source code of FIFA 21 and Frostbite.

Although the code is not available (yet) on the web, hackers posted screenshots of the stolen content as proof that the code belonged. Today, a new report on the Motherboard provides more information on how the attack took place.

ea hack

Hackers claim to have started by buying stolen cookies for $ 10 from the web. These cookies contained logins to an EA Employee Slack channel. They were used to give hackers access to a Slack channel, disguised as internal employees.

Then, once they had access to EA employees' Slack channel, they contacted IT Support to request multiple agent insignia, saying "I lost my phone at a party last night". The insignia were given and of course used to access the EA corporate network.

Once they entered the network, they discovered a service used by game developers.

They then created virtual machines on the server and gained access to the source code. Motherboard reports that a company spokesperson gave screenshots of Slack conversations and various other things to confirm how the hack was done.

In addition to the leaked source code, hackers gained access to documents related to PlayStation VR, gaming AI, and more.

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