Global Azure Bootcamp in Athens and Thessaloniki! Still being written?

Microsoft has sent us an invitation for the upcoming Global Azure Bootcamp to be held in Athens and Thessalonica 22 April 2017.

We quote the invitation:

Whether you are a Developer or IT Professional, participated in the Bootcamp in Athens or Thessaloniki and attended in-depth presentations of the Microsoft Cloud Computing platform, Microsoft Azure.

In addition to the presentations, at the Bootcamp of Athens * you will be able to acquire the relevant training by participating in the lab to be held in order to implement a Computational Farm for charity.

What will you need? If you decide to participate in the lab, you will need to bring your computer with Visual Studio 2015 or 2017 installed and the Microsoft Azure SDK. You will also need an active Microsoft Aure subscription.

You do not have;

We have also taken care of this, and we will provide 100 $ credits vouchers for the implementation of the lab!

We are waiting for you!

* For the participants in Athens, because this year there are two parallel tracks of talks, and in order to be able to satisfy your needs better, we would like to choose the 7 topics you would definitely like to watch from here. For our part, we will make every effort to be able to satisfy you.

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