What Google said about Fuchsia OS

The Google I / O 2017 event offered the company the perfect opportunity to announce the projects it is working on and the direction it intends to have for AI and VR technology.

Earlier this month, we published images of a company's project which concerns the new mobile operating system developed by Google. The Google Fuchsia was first reported last year, but the recent images we published showed the OS UI system and revealed some features it could incorporate.google

Android Police asked during Android's Fireside Chat, Google's Android Development VP, Dave Burke was asked for one of Goochle's most exciting projects, Fuchsia OS. The technician said that the experimental project is at a very early stage and is one of the many projects that Google is working on.

What makes the Fuchsia operating system special is its open nature, which allows developers to see the code and bring contributions to it.

David Burke said:

"Fuchsia is a project at a very early stage. We have many new early projects on Google. I think what is interesting here is that it is open source, so people can see it and comment on it. As is the case with many early stage projects, it is likely to change and transform. There are some really smart people, people we have worked with and who are great. So the exciting thing is to see what happens. But it is definitely a different kind of project independent of Android. ”

It is worth noting that Google's Fuchsia program is not being developed in parallel with Android, which means that Google has no intention of replacing it with Android OS or Chrome OS. This of course means that the company will continue to invest in 3 similar operating system projects….

Still, of course, no one can say anything for sure, because everything can change in the future as the Fuchsia operating system will gradually begin to become a stable operating system.

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