New fixed version of Google Chrome 56

Google today launched the Chrome 56 web browser on the fixed channel for all supported platforms, Windows, GNU / Linux and MacOS.

The stable Chrome version released today was in Beta mode from last December on 8.Google Chrome 56

The biggest new feature of Google Chrome 56 is to enable HTML5 technologies by default for all users on all supported platforms. Google has begun providing HTML5 support to very few users with the stable version of Chrome 55 since last month.

The new version also supports support for the new version of WebGL 2.0 by default, although the first browser that adopted the feature was the version 51 on Firefox.

The updated Google browser in addition to the new features also comes with 51 security fixes, which you can see from the following link in the official announcement:

You can download the new version from the following link: The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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