Google responsible for the death of CIA agents

Google search service is very indistinguishable. Iran has reportedly infiltrated CIA agents' secret communications networks, which they used to exchange information with informants through Google searches.

A reference by Yahoo! News claims that the 2009 US communication channel violation arose when the Iranian government penetrated a series of websites that the CIA used to communicate with its informants in Iran and China.

"We are still dealing with the leaks," said a former national security official. "Dozens of people around the world have been killed because of them."

The leak of communications is believed to have resulted from simple searches on Google. Iran suspected that the US had agents and informants in its nuclear program, and began to investigate the issue.

When Iran's secret services discovered a dual agent, they were then able to use Google to locate other websites they used and began to track communications.Google

"Because Google is constantly scanning the internet for information from all the sites around the world, it can also act as a huge search tool - even for anti-espionage purposes," the publication said.

“Google's search features allow users to use advanced searches by adding terms and filters - such as 'AND', 'OR' and more, which isolates web pages and online data with ease and precision. As a result, Iran has managed to arrest too many people involved. Some were executed, and others managed to escape.

As soon as Iran was able to locate these websites, it promoted information and technology to other friendly countries, which in turn used them to eliminate the CIA's communications channel in their own territories.

According to Yahoo! News (invoked by secret service officials), there has been an incident in China 2012, where 30 US agents were arrested and executed.

A CIA external associate named John Reidy claims that he warned the service for using dangerous 2008 and 2010 communications systems when it started to suspect that the channels had been violated. One year later he was fired from the service, a move that claims he came in as a reprisal because he did not stop talking about it.
Reidy said he spoke to the CIA General Inspector but nobody did anything to solve the issue. Later Reidy was ousted and fired.

"This is one of the most devastating failures of the intelligence service since 11/XNUMX," said Irvin McCullough, a national security analyst at the Government Accountability Project. "And the CIA punished the person who brought the problem to light."


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