Gmail: customized email addresses for 2 dollars per user

Google is reportedly preparing a new Gmail service. The company has confirmed that it is testing a project that will enable Google email users to create their own custom Gmail

If you are currently using the service, chances are you get it or have an email address as you want it is too small, due to the volume of company users. With the standard feature currently available in Gmail, you can get the following addresses: [email protected]

So Google is reportedly experimenting with a new hack that will give everyone the address they want, something like: [email protected] The "whatever you want" can be customized according to the user's wishes, as long as it is subject to the usual Internet domain rules.

The new system will allow individuals to have their own customized Gmail address at a cost of 2 dollars per user per month, provided the account does not need additional storage space beyond the 15G already available for free by the e-mail service for its users.

"We know that your first choice of username may not have been: [email protected] "And that's why we're experimenting with alternatives to offer you other options," said a Google spokesman.

Of course, as the company said, it is an experiment, and no one knows whether we will eventually see it happening. Surely it is in the experimental stage.



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