Google Earth now works on all browsers

The Earth λειτουργεί πλέον σε όλα τα προτα περιήγησης ιστού εκτός από το . Δηλαδή, λειτουργεί σε , , Vivaldi and Opera.


A short history of it Earth: Το 2004, η Google εξαγόρασε μια εταιρεία που ονομάζεται Keyhole. Ένα από τα of the company, called the Keyhole Viewer, displayed mapping data for the Earth. Google launched Google Earth in 2005 and then set out to map the entire world.

In 2017, Google has introduced a new version of Google Earth. This was only available on Chrome and Android, with the promise of bringing it to other platformsweb browsing in the future. After three years (only), Google Earth is finally available for browsers other than Chrome. This happened thanks to Google switching from Native Client (NaCl) to WebAssembly (Wasm).

There is another browser that Google Earth does not have access to, it is Safari for which Google is committed to making Google Earth work in as many browsers as possible and this promise includes Apple Safari. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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