Google why the lock icon changes in Chrome

If you use Google's Chrome, you're probably familiar with the lock icon that appears next to a website's URL. So many people think that this icon means that the site is safe. Actually, this is not the case and that is why Google will change this icon very soon.

In one Chromium blog post, Google said:

"The icon indicates that the network connection is a secure channel between the browser and the website and that the network connection cannot be hacked or intercepted by third parties, but it is a holdover from an era when HTTPS was uncommon."

A website using HTTPS is now the norm on the internet. So the icon no longer means that a website is safe to browse in Chrome.

Google says:

“This misunderstanding is not harmless — almost all phishing sites use HTTPS and therefore also display the padlock icon. Misunderstandings are so common that many agencies, including the FBI, publish explicit guidance that the icon is not a sign of website security.

Therefore, this icon will soon be replaced with a new version shown below. Clicking on it will send you to the settings and controls in the browser. Google believes it should be a more neutral icon that will not indicate any "trustworthiness" for the site. tune icon

The new icon is already available in the Chrome Canary channel and will be officially released with Chrome 117 for desktops in early September 2023. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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