Google: Autonomous cars without a steering wheel

An original vehicle built from the beginning to move without any human intervention, presented yesterday in the US Google.

google self-driving prototype

According to the company, its design is tailored to automated driving systems that incorporate the fact that no driver will need to be released. Thus, in its final version, the two-seater will not have a steering wheel and a brake pedal, but only a "emergency" button, which will be able to immobilize the passengers in the event of a problem.

While Google has been experimenting for years with autonomous navigation technologies, so far all tests have been carried out on mass production vehicles, where the necessary modifications have been made.

Google claims that these I.X. they should not have the controls of a conventional car, as tests have shown that sudden human intervention in their movement can cause . However, the initial "batch" of the prototype two-seaters will have a steering wheel and brakes to meet the specifications of the state of California where the company is doing its tests, which stipulate that the passenger should be able to take at any time under his full control of the vehicle.

There is one on the dashboard of the two-seater showing the route and the , which cannot exceed 40 km/h. Naturally, the vehicle is equipped with sensors that allow its "autopilot" to understand its position and what is around it, within a radius of several hundred meters. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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