Google is accused of tracking you in Chrome in incognito mode

Η faces $ 5 billion lawsuit over Chrome anonymous browsing

A federal judge in California on Friday filed a lawsuit against Google, accusing it of monitoring the company in Chrome the activities of users in anonymous browsing mode.

According to a Bloomberg report, Google had appealed to the court to dismiss the case, but the judge instead of the case rejected her request. The Reuters had reported about it that the lawsuit seeks compensation of at least $ 5 billion, almost $ 5.000 per user.

Last June, three filed a lawsuit against the company claiming that its Chrome browser collects data even if you use the private (anonymous) mode.

In their lawsuit they stated that after you disable data tracking in your browser through anonymous , other Google tools used by websites, transfer your personal information to the company. The petitioners also alleged that the company is engaged in an "intrusive data monitoring business".

FromA Google spokesperson said the company has made it clear that Chrome won't save your browsing activity while incognito, but the websites you visit may collect some of your information.

So in anticipation of the upcoming trial. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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