The first serious car accident with Google's own car

Its stand-alone cars Google are known to have not caused serious accidents, and as evidenced by the videos from the built-in cameras in the cars, everything else that has happened so far is blamed by another self driving car

Today though was announced the first serious accident.

While stand-alone cars have so far been extremely safe, the rest of the drivers are cautious. Google once again found the fact when one of its stand-alone vehicles was struck behind a hasty driver.

Unfortunately, this was Gogle's first accident, which resulted in people being hurt, since all three passengers were taken to the hospital and tested for neck injuries.

As you can see in the video below, at a junction and while the lantern was green, several vehicles including Google stopped before they passed.

Unfortunately, the rear driver from the GOOGO car did not notice it and dropped onto the leading stand-alone vehicle.

Watch the video



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