GR and EL domains: Attack to the Greek Internet Name Registry

The Registry of domain names with the suffix [.gr] and [.el] was attacked and the service just sent a notice to all interested parties.
Below we quote the announcement of the attack as we received it via email.


The Registry of domain names ending in [.gr] and [.el] was attacked against its information systems. This attack is part of a more general effort, internationally, to negatively affect the operation of the Internet Name Registers. The investigation of the incident did not reveal any information about the leakage of personal data.

As Registry of .gr and .el Domain Names was trying to ensure the integrity of its data and protect the recipients of the internet names, it immediately changed the domain name authorization [.gr ] and [.el].

In addition, as a precautionary measure, but also more generally for the convenience of the beneficiaries, we inform you that the process of changing the authorization codes of the domain names [.gr] and [.el] will be modified soon.

If you wish to announce the new password or change it, you can contact your registrar.

At the moment we do not know more information as the Hellenic Register of domain names chose to leave us in the dark. We will follow the issue and inform you about anything new that arises.

However, according to the announcement, there does not seem to be any evidence of any leakage of personal data.


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