Hacked by Microsoft?

Microsoft is investigating reports that someone gained access to internal source repositories and have stolen data.

The alleged associated with hacking Lapsus$, who has managed many hits in the majors : Nvidia, Samsung and Vodafone.


Its elements s emerged on Sunday night when Tom Malka posted pictures on Twitter showing a Telegram chat with the Microsoft source code repositories.

The screenshot shows that hackers downloaded source codes from Cortana and several Bing services. The post has been deleted in the meantime. So Microsoft told Bleeping Computer that it was investigating the reports.

ms hack

Unlike most hacking groups, which install ransomware on the attacking systems, Lapsus $ tries to ransom downloaded data from the companies it attacked.

The main services from which Lapsus $ may have downloaded the source code appear to be Bing, Bing Maps and Cortana.

Source codes can contain valuable information. The code can be analyzed to find security vulnerabilities by hackers. There is also the possibility that source code may contain valuable information such as code signing certificates, access tokens or API keys. Microsoft has of course introduced a policy for devs that prohibits the inclusion of such elements in its source code

At the moment we do not know much about the hack. Did Lapsus $ manage to break Microsoft's defenses? Did the team manage to download data and, if so, what data was downloaded and how complete is it? Bing, Bing Maps and Cortana are not Microsoft's most important services.

But judging by the history of Lapsus $, it is possible that the reported hack did happen. The question is whether the downloaded files are so valuable that they receive a ransom from Microsoft for not publishing them on the Internet.

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