06 hennessey venom gt gray

Hennessey Performance Venom GT Car-rocket


American company Hennessey Performance built a sports two-seater, the Venom GT, which a few 24hours in a test touched 435 km / h!


Crazy throttle

The XMUMX weight of the Venom GT is powered by a 1.244 8 7.0 1.244 twin turbocharged V193 twin turbocharger and accelerates to 7.71 km / h from stop in just 434 seconds. Venom GT was tested at the NASA Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. In this car he managed to develop a speed just above 270 km / h (450 miles / hour). In fact, the test driver, Brain Smith, said immediately after the test that he could develop even faster and that the cruiser showed 431 km / h but needed a larger corridor than the one tested to do so. The Buggati Veyron Super Sport, which has developed a speed of XNUMX km / h, has hitherto been the factory car speed record.


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