HoloLens application for pre-operative design was approved by the FDA

A HoloLens application for pre-operative patient planning was approved by the American Food and Drug Administration FDA.


The HoloLens application OpenSight Augmented Reality System is one augmented reality for surgical applications, manufactured by Novarad, and enables surgeons to create interactive 2D, 3D and even 4D images of their patients' anatomy by projecting them accurately onto the patient's body to allow accurate surgical planning.

Unlike previous pre-operating systems using virtual reality, OpenSight uses Microsoft HoloLens® glasses, which allow physicians to view 3D images of patients in augmented reality, identify relevant anatomy, and avoid critical structures. , while simultaneously deploying virtual tools and guidance systems to more accurately design a surgical approach.

Overlapping of holograms can be observed simultaneously by multiple users of HoloLens glasses, which makes them useful in both clinical and educational environments. In addition, an educational version of the software available for medical students is provided to perform virtual dissections in corpses.

See a relevant video below:



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