IDC: Confusion with the EU's Privacy Policy

ESET has teamed up with IDC's leading analyst to investigate how small and medium-sized businesses are approached in selected countries by the EU's Privacy Policy (GDPR). and the safety of endpoints. The results show that European companies still have uncertainty about the regulation.  

Almost 78% of IT decision makers in more than 700 European companies either do not understand how the regulation will affect them or they do not know it at all. However, over one third of companies want encryption, an issue that is affected by the Privacy Policy. These and other findings of IDC's research, conducted on behalf of ESET, are revealed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Until 2 March 2017, ESET experts will be presenting this issue at ESET's stand (Hall 5, booth B05).idc

"63% of the confirmed data breaches attributed to stolen or "broken" passwords, which proves the importance of an additional or alternative authentication factor των Data anonymization is one option, encryption is one or the other. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Anonymization is good, but it can not "prevail" in the case of correlation from more sources. "Encryption solves this problem, but - at least until recently - it was considered too complex and expensive for most small and medium-sized businesses." says Mark Child, Research Manager of IDC, in the report. "Customer and partner protection is a matter of the utmost importance to ensure the continued success and survival of any business entity. However, companies are now increasingly aware of the business value of their data and recognize the extension of the regulatory framework to be respected and the penalties imposed in the event of non-compliance " Child adds.

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Nevertheless, the pioneering EU legislation is not fully understood by businesses. Of the companies that know the Privacy Policy, 20% say they have already complied, 59% say they are trying to get in that direction, and 21% say they are not ready at all. IDC conducted its survey among IT professionals in more than 700 companies in the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain and the United Kingdom during the 4th quarter of 2016.

Another interesting finding of IDC is how European small and medium-sized businesses are approaching encryption. «Many organizations recognize that existing software antimalware "They are insufficient for the current threat environment, and half of the respondents cited this as the most important area to add or upgrade." says Child's IDC. Encryption, referred to in the Privacy Policy, is requested for 36% of respondents.

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"ESET is one of the companies involved in encryption early with the encryption solution DESlock and offers guarantees to businesses to meet EU requirements ", says Pavol Balaj, Head of Business Development in EMET of ESET, speaking at the Mobile World Congress.

For more information about the Privacy Policy, and how ESET helps businesses prepare for it, interested parties can read the relevant whitepaper and visit the special page.

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Source: IDC 2016

What do you know about the Privacy Policy?

Source: IDC 2016

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