iGuru.gr Monday 25-9: The colorless return of the demons

IGuru.gr returns: After a period of active absence of the domain, which kept us a year away from the scene blogging, iGuru.gr is back, once again claiming a place in your daily search on the internet.

The core team of iGuru.gr returns with new decisions that will shape a whole new site, as we will explain below.

Our old content continues to exist, and within it you will find τα που απευθύνεται σε κοινό καταναλωτών. Θεωρήσαμε ότι θα πρέπει να το κρατήσουμε, καθώς εμπεριέχονται και αρκετά που δεν χάνουν την αξία τους τόσο γρήγορα όσο την χάνει το επόμενο of Xiaomi.

The new iGuru.grI'm sure

As you may have noticed, the site is almost colorless outside. The minimal Genesis theme that we are using approaches the vision we have for the new site.

Colors, according to psychologists, are directly related to persuasion. The finding is of course used in marketing. Color can give your business a firm stance to shape your message that will affect your product sales.

On the internet now, if you choose a poor color even if you have amazing content, it will probably be overlooked.

Colorful banners and color themes affect the audience and will surely help you pass your message even if it is not important (from not important to garbage.) Colors make the messages stand out!


Posts will be less, and will not be about product announcements, the way all technology sites do. We will write only when we have an appetite to write, and only when we have something to say.

If you know from SEO, the non-daily publication of facts- it is not the best for the ranking of sites that have a position in Google News. Minimizing posts brings fewer clicks, and what else comes of it.
We will continue to post tweaks about freaks, and opinions on what we realize is happening in the tech scene.

So let's pick up the ingredients of the new recipe:

Publications for free and open products, Linux, selected news, offers of expensive products at attractive prices, reviews, opinions and tweaks will make up the subject matter of the new iGuru.gr.

What we are essentially throwing away is the hunt for the reputation of the upcoming devices. When they come they will come, we do not need the unnecessary transmission of information.

We throw away the ceaseless builds of Microsoft, discarding or discarding the consumer gaming of companies.

Of course, all of this will have the corresponding cost (we first hope) because of the drop in ranking in the tartar. Inside, ads will continue to exist, although we do not expect miracles.

From comments on disqus, or through our Facebook page, you can leave us your feedback, or whatever you want.

In the same way, you can also report possible bugs that may be present after site reassembly.

So welcome and your stay!

iGuRu.gr The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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Although the press releases will be from very select to rarely, I said to go ... because sometimes the authors are hiding.

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