iGuRu.gr: All 100% on GTMetrix

On June 24 iGuRu.gr was moved to Europe. In the release-announcement of the move we reported:

Last night iGuRu.gr moved to a European server. The transfer and also the upgrade of PHP to 7 from version 5.x will bring changes to the of the site.
The specific changes will make it faster , but don't expect miracles as we've already ended it.


But as can be seen in the above , we hadn't exactly finished it, which was accomplished today.


In the above figure there appears to be room for improvement in Fully Loaded Time. This can be changed by using a faster CDN provider that is in the to do ...

But the changes did not stop at speed. Headers of the site added rules for the new-in-coming Feature-Policy. Of course the addition needed it enough reading and tests ...

See Results:


Updated: After the first tests, we decided that Fully Loaded Time is more important to us than 100% in YSlow. We will change them to have a faster page load, with 99% on YSlow.
We will restore them when we find a faster CDN, at a price that does not seriously harm our health…

New Update: After the impressive results which we had with our tests at KeyCDN we decided to keep the setup.



iGuRu.gr The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

Written by giorgos

George still wonders what he's doing here ...


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  1. Good result but your website has now become very simple. I think we have to weigh between how good visual effect it will have and how fast it will be.

    • I have to tell you that it was my own view at the same wavelength as that you wrote above.
      But then I realized that in the iguru we enter to read matters that interest us. Issues that even when analyzed and not simply described, this is done in 10 lines and not to enjoy a sensual color feast.
      So, it might be right to have our name adopted by the minimal version of the site.

      Good continuity at all and always with an excellent level of communication, discussion or even criticism, as is done in this article.

    • yes the logic is the one described by George K, we have mentioned it. we probably do not do well with our imagination, our narcissistic tendencies have passed. However, I'm not saying the site is free of all that unnecessary.
      But we prefer to see the positive side…

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