Infinity Flex Display is the Samsung foldable

Infinity Flex Display: Samsung today unveiled a foldable screen, which is supposed to be in tomorrow's foldable phones. The display technology has been named "Infinity Flex Display" by the company.
The original "smartphone" was presented during its Opening Samsung Developer Conference 2018 Keynote.

Samsung did not show the design of the standard device, and even took care to hide it with low enough lighting.
Infinity Flex Display
The device is supposed to be massively built in the next few months, according to Samsung, but we can only assume that the South Korean company has not decided on the final design, which may mean a longer delay.

Either way, the matter of the folding phone is still under discussion.

If 2018 was the year that most device manufacturers used AI chips, could 2019 be the year that will try to attract consumers to try a folding phone?

I am not entirely convinced that folding phones will become mainstream at some point, at least not in the form we have seen so far. Of course it will be interesting to see how their design and the technology of the screen folds.

Reminder that two days before the presentation of the folding screen by Samsung, Royole presented the retractable FlexPai device, in full light and without trying to hide something like Samsung did with Infinity Flex Display.

As we mentioned the Royole device, FlexPai is an 7,8 inch hybrid device. It can fold into 180 degrees to allow it to be converted from tablet to phone, though it is quite bulky.

See the FlexPai presentation video


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