iQ Walk Club is a new Greek-based application that aims to your health and well-being

The application iQ Walk Club that will help you become "fit", is now on the "street", starting with the App Store. Since 2012 our company “BODY iQ Wellness Consultants® ”and a group of new partners we created an application that aims to improve everyone's fitness.

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The Greek application iQ Walk Club is characterized by the simplicity in planning, information and support it provides to everyone to achieve their health goals. It is an excellent tool that enables us to offer services corporate wellness  in companies and groups that are widely dispersed in their workforce

Beginning with the Greeks, we are addressing the whole world using smart phones, in order to strengthen the decision of everyone to change their lifestyle to a healthier and more active.

App first pageThe application iQ Walk Club® available at Standard edition and to Corporate edition. The Standard edition you can download it from the App store and soon from Google play. While Corporate edition operates after a central agreement with organizations and concerns their staff, with even more capabilities tailored to their specific characteristics.

In today's science that deals with man, there is no longer an official who does not emphasize that physical exercise is the most beneficial and harmless medicine for "everything" and which also enhances the resilience of the individual.

The application iQ Walk Club based on the simplest physical activity which is walking and running, helps the user - employee to improve his lifestyle, to set his own goals and to monitor them, to store information from each workout and to compare them, ( distance, speed, steps, calorie consumption, etc.), to monitor its position in real time on the map that shows its route.

In addition, we need to highlight some of its innovations standard edition of the application, such as: 1), the user can configure the application on its own data to match each step with absolute precision to the calibration system. 2) Complementing some somatometric data can identify its Health Risk Index (WHR) as well as Body Mass Index (BMI) and 3. It can change the appearance of the application by selecting another background color.

While some innovations of corporate edition is: 1) For the first time, we can appeal to organizations with thousands of workers, who are very dispersed. 2) The application can be adapted to the corporate identity of each organization. 3) Allows us to draw conclusions about the physical condition of a group or all employees in the organization. 4) Identify any delays and focus on them. 5) The corporate wellness goal can be linked to CSR actions. (Corporate Social Responsibility) to help these workers. While we also have the opportunity to create an interactive educational - informational system that will inform each user of what is happening to the organization, etc.

To download it standard edition of the application please click on the following link:  iTunes Preview

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