Junaid Hussain the hacker behind the attack on CENTCOM

Researchers investigating the Twitter and YouTube accounts of the US Central Office (CENTCOM) believe the hacker TeaMp0isoN, or Junaid Hussain, is the head of the CyberCaliphate team, which claims the attack.Junaid Hussain

On Monday, hackers managed to get the accounts of CENTCOM's social networks, a service that oversees various military operations around the world, as well as those conducted in the Middle East.

CyberCaliphate uses social networks to disseminate ISIS propaganda.
The damage caused to the CENTCOM service was quite important, as important documents could not have leaked, but hack proved once again that no one can be secure on the internet.

Ο Junaid Hussain, 20 of years, living in Birmingham, is believed to be the central core of the group that carried out the attack, according to information published by Reuters.

He is the same person who was sentenced to six months' imprisonment for 2012 when he stole the contacts of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair with an invasion he made in his e-mail.

TRiCk was the former leader of the TeaMp0isoN team, and was then 18 years old. In an interview she gave to Softpedia, he said he was a hacker from the age of 15 years, and has since begun to fight for the rights of people in Kashmir, Palestine and Syria.

Reuters says the link between Hussain and the CyberCaliphate team was revealed by an analyst of Flashpoint Global Partners, a private company specializing in the online search of government attacks by extremists.

Junaid Hussain appears to have been actively involved in recruiting hackers on behalf of the Islamic State terrorist organization.

The traces of Junaid Hussain are unknown at present, but news agencies reported in 2014 in June that he had resorted to Syria just after serving his six-month prison sentence.

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