Sharks addicted to cocaine

Scientists believe that sharks off Florida may be addicted to cocaine with unknown consequences.

cocaine shark comp

A strange ecological news came to us from Live Science which reports that biologists suspect that sharks off the coast of Florida are coming into contact with large amounts of cocaine that are being dumped into the ocean.

Off American beaches there are quantities of cocaine that are either dumped into the ocean by smugglers to be collected later by their partners, or thrown away as criminals try to escape law enforcement.

Biologist Tom Hird, who is better known by his pseudonym at YouTube The Blowfish, wanted to see if reports of Florida sharks taking drugs were true.

great white shark carcharodon carcharias

He did an investigation and at the same time a documentary for Discovery's Shark Week entitled “Cocaine Sharks”. During a dive, they spot a hammerhead shark and a gray shark that seem to be behaving in a strange way.

The experts also conducted an experiment in which they dropped packages that looked like cocaine balls into the area. They observed the sharks swimming right up to the packages and biting them.

430 pounds of marijuana drug

It's important to note that scientists don't know for sure if sharks consume cocaine. They also don't know what the actual effects of the substance would be on the creatures. It is hoped that more research will be conducted in this area.

Cocaine Sharks will premiere on the Discovery Channel in America on July 26. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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