I blame Vivaldi for Microsoft Edge

The settings and advertisements in Windows 11 force users to keep Microsoft Edge as their default browser. The company's practices have, of course, upset other browsers. One of the browsers that reacted is Vivaldi. The co-founder of the company Jon von Tetzchner in a post on the company blog reports Microsoft's anti-competitive practices.

Lastly, Microsoft's Chromium-based browser frequently references pages with new technology, not for such flattering reasons. Microsoft Edge is similar to Chrome or other Chromium-based browsers, but the company uses practices to persuade users to give their browser a try in Windows 10 and Windows 11.

One of the most recent efforts concerns a new banner in the Microsoft Edge browser, which calls Chrome a 2008 browser when users try to download it. In addition, Microsoft has also made it very difficult to change other browsers such as Vivaldi and Chrome as default browsers in Windows 11.edge switch 1

Vivaldi is clearly not happy with Microsoft's efforts to persuade users to keep Chromium Edge as their default browser in Windows 11.

"Microsoft's moves seem desperate. And familiar. "It's clear they don't want you to use other browsers," said Jon von Tetzchner, co-founder and CEO of Vivaldi.

But the blows below the waist do not stop from Microsoft. For example, if you search for the term Vivaldi on Bing using Microsoft Edge, you will be prompted to continue using Chromium Edge for a "fast, secure and up-to-date web experience".

But if you install Vivaldi on Windows ignoring the company's advice, Windows will ask you to keep Microsoft Edge again because it's better, said Jon von Tetzchne.

As we have mentioned Windows 11 makes it difficult to change the default browser. Unlike Windows 10, Windows 11 requires that you first select the browser and set it as the default for all file extensions circulating on the web.edge switch 3

You will need to manually select the browser you want for various web-related file extensions, such as HTTP, HTTP, htm, HTML, and many more. If you try to change the default values ​​for all of these file extensions, Windows 11 will display another pop-up window highlighting the Edge's capabilities.edge switch 2

"They are even willing to pay you to use the browser through Microsoft Rewards. "This is not the behavior of a confident company that develops a superior browser," said Vivaldi founder.

"It's the behavior of a company that openly abuses its strong position to push people to use its inferior product simply because it can."

The founder of Vivaldi asks users to complain about the anti-competitive behavior of Windows 11 on social media platforms. The company also advises users in the United States and Europe to write to or call on antitrust regulators to investigate Microsoft for these anti-competitive practices.

"Above all, do not let Microsoft win this game. "Persevere until you can use the browser of your choice in Windows - and help your friends or colleagues do the same."

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