Kodi lost Phoenix! The end has come;

Bad news for Kodi friends who used add-ons for streaming. The popular Phoenix add-on has just stopped working…

It all began last week when Dish Network, a US satellite provider, filed a lawsuit against two of Kodi's well-known add-ons: ZemTV and TVAddons.ag.
The lawsuit blames ZemTV for direct copyright infringement by various TV channels and TVAddons for the distribution of pirated material through add-ons.Phoenix

The news has shocked many add-on developers, most of whom are running their software as a hobby without any financial incentive. So a possible treatment that can result in a fine of hundreds of thousands of dollars, does not help to find additional incentives for further development of additives.

This could explain why several add-ons closed the last 48 hours.

One of the add-ons available to TVAddons.ag to anyone interested was Phoenix, which gave access to hundreds of movies and TV series. From today, this particular add-on, along with some others, stopped working, and Cosmix's developer said:

"In light of the current events, we have decided to close Phoenix. It was not easy for us. "

Was this the end of Kodi, or is it just a pause on the part of the developers, who so far did not care to hide their traces?

We believe that it is the second, and that very soon we will see new applications that ensure the privacy of those responsible….

Until then, a spectacular turn towards torrent sites is expected…

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