Lazarus hackers behind the hack at Sony & Bangladesh Central Bank

Lazarus hackers: Evidence revealed that the hackers accused of the attacks that led to Sony Pictures hack and the Bangladesh Central Bank robbery have launched a new wave of attacks.

Lazarus hackers are reportedly targeting banks and other organizations in 31 countries today, according to a Symantec warning.Lazarus hackers

The new attacks appear to have been discovered after a hacking attempt on Polish banks that resulted in malware being filled. The malware was sent through the hacked Polish financial regulator as a warning document of these attacks: “shared indicators of compromise (IOCs)”

Attackers seem to use hacked sites to redirect visitors to a custom exploit kit, which is pre-configured to infect only visitors from around 150 different IP addresses. These IP addresses belong to 104 different organizations located in 31 different countries. The overwhelming majority of these organizations are banks, with a small number of telecommunications companies and other businesses on the internet.

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Lazarus hasackers have been linked to a series of 2009 attacks, targeting businesses in the US and South Korea. Some of the tools used in the Bangladesh Central Bank hack have too many similarities in the malware code used in other attacks. One of these was hacking at Sony Pictures, which resulted in company films leaking online before the official release.

The latest malware used in attacks on Polish banks had a similar code with the malicious software used by Lazarus hackers in attacks against Sony, according to Symantec.

More details about Symantec's blog attacks:

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