Lenovo begins the compensation for Superfish

Lenovo manages to settle a lawsuit that "won" when it was tried for adding the software Superfish VisualDiscovery that violated the privacy of consumers but also their security on the internet.

"In early 2014, Lenovo and Superfish started a business partnership to install Superfish software called VisualDiscovery on 28 Lenovo laptop models. "VisualDiscovery was not disclosed to consumers," he said indictment (PDF).Lenovo

According to a post “SuperFish VulnerabilityPosted by Lenovo on the company's support page and after the discovery of pre-installed software by consumers, VisualDiscovery software was designed to run in the background, blocking HTTP (S) traffic and with the help of a self-signed root certificate could be decrypted and tracked all traffic, encrypted or not.

Lenovo's post on SuperFish preloaded software states that the following Lenovo Notebooks are affected:

E-Series, Edge Series, Flex-Series, G-Series, Miix-Series, S-Series, U-Series, Y-Series, Yoga-Series, and Z-Series.

Consumers who have filed a lawsuit against Lenovo over Superfish software say it has downgraded the performance of their computers by constantly using system resources to serve ads.

"VisualDiscovery was installed on nearly 800.000 Lenovo laptops sold in the United States from September 1, 2014 to February 28, 2015," the agreement also states.

On January 18, 2015, in response to growing complaints about the impact of VisualDiscovery, Lenovo released instructions for disabling malware at the server level.

The settlement agreement also states that Lenovo must make payments of $ 7.300.000.

Of the 800.000 who bought VisualDiscovery-containing laptops, 500.000 who acquired their devices from Lenovo or bought them from retailers such as Best Buy and Amazon should contact the Chinese company immediately to find out about the settlement. .

For the rest of the inaccessible customers, Lenovo will use multiple online advertising platforms, from Google, Twitter and Facebook to inform them.


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