Messenger 4 has just been released from Facebook

Facebook has been released just a redesigned version of Messenger that attempts to bring focus back to your conversations.

After years of growth focusing on additions to bots, games, payouts, and many others that decongest, Messenger brings Messenger to its very essentials. 4 Messenger

All other widget add-ons are still in the app, hidden in places you can ignore. The new look of Messenger is a welcome comeback at a time when the application was a very lightweight utility.

Remember how complex Messenger was made?

There were tabs for games, for people and for business. There were tabs for your friends who were currently open the app, for your teams and for your previous calls. The button to write a new message had become a small square next to the search bar, and most of the space was meant for a button for taking pictures and videos.

So after a study for Messenger, Facebook noticed that 7 out of 10 (71%) said that simplicity is a priority for them in a messaging application. Among the respondents who send messages more often, 62% said that their messages make them feel closer to their friends.

"We believe that Messenger 4 will provide the proximity and authenticity you demand, through the simplicity of the design and the powerful features that return the focus to the messages."

You can download the new app from the Store that you use on your device.

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