Microsoft invites Windows Insiders to Skype

Microsoft is taking its relationship with Windows Insiders to a whole new level, as the company has begun calling them on Skype for feedback on specific operating system features.

It seems that Microsoft, through video conferencing, aims to get more detailed, detailed suggestions and bug reports, as its engineers can talk directly to operating system testers and ask them a series of questions based on certain features of Windows 10.

For example, Microsoft recently made televised calls to discuss the new Windows lightweight issue that will be available to users with the spring 19H1 update.

A description of this new feedback system, published in atMicrosoft user search link, which explains that the call lasts a maximum of 10 minutes, but could be longer if the company needs more details on a specific topic.


Specifically, the company states: “Your opinion is important to us. As we develop new software and services, it is critical that we receive information from customers who use our products. We can ask you about your experiences with existing products or about your reaction to new designs ".

What is important to know is that all calls are made anonymously and do not require personal data belonging to users, such as name, phone number or social security number (for US). However, you may be asked to join the Microsoft Customer Search Team, but the company emphasizes that this is optional.

The way Microsoft handles user feedback has long been a controversial issue, so Microsoft may be trying to improve its relationship with Insiders by contacting them directly.

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