Motocompact by Honda

Honda's new Motocompacto is an all-electric scooter inspired by another short-lived scooter from the 80s.

No it's not Photoshop. The vehicle, folded up, looks like one of those folding tables, but has two aluminum wheels that pop out at the bottom.

To convert it into a scooter, you need to open the handlebars, the seat and the rear wheel. Then you'll have something that vaguely resembles a bicycle.

Honda says its aluminum frame and wheels keep it "light", but at 41kg, it's in the same weight category as regular e-bikes. Its range is “up to 12 miles”, and it won't take you very far. top motocompacto1dd9bbc5c9742baa0607

When you reach the 12-mile range, it will need to recharge for 3,5 hours, which is a significantly long time. At least it comes with a built-in charger ready to plug into an outlet.

The badass electric scooter will be available from November priced “under $995” and exclusively from Honda website and its representatives. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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