Neptune 5.6 download ISO November

Neptune 5.6: The Neptune operating system is a GNU / Linux desktop distribution. It is based on Debian (Stable) but uses a newer Kernel.

The distribution diversity apart from the newer kernel is due to the fact that it has some drivers as well as newer versions of popular applications such as LibreOffice (6.1.3) by default.Neptune 5

The Neptune operating system comes with the latest version of the KDE desktop (KDE Plasma 5.12.7). The main goals of the distribution are to provide a reliable desktop with embedded applications for multimedia playback. The distribution also comes in Live DVD for those who want to try it before installing.

Neptune 5.6 was released today. Read it changelog.

Version 5.6 brings changes to the look and feel with a new package called Neptune Dark. The new package comes with modified icons that have been optimized for dark themes. The new icons are called Faenza Dark. The distribution "wears" the Linux Kernel 4.18.16 with improved drivers and many bugfixes.

KDE Frameworks was upgraded to 5.48 and KDE Applications in 18.08.2. The new version of KF5 is not compatible with Qt 5.7 and should be backport in 5.45.

More information can be found in the changelog.

Download the new version

Neptune5-Plasma5-20181103.iso 03-Nov-2018 13:29 2246049792
Neptune5-Plasma5-20181103.iso.sha256 03-Nov-2018 16:53 96
Neptune5-Plasma5-20181103.iso.sig 03-Nov-2018 16:54 287
latest-stable.iso 03-Nov-2018 13:29 2246049792
latest-stable.iso.md5 03-Nov-2018 16:53 96
latest-stable.iso.sha256 03-Nov-2018 16:53 96
latest-stable.iso.sig 03-Nov-2018 16:54 287 16-Mar-2018 12:39 2093

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