Netflix is ​​preparing its own game development studio

Netflix is ​​creating an in-house game studio in Helsinki, Finland to create “world-class” original games without ads or in-app purchases.

Engadget he says:

netflix game

While it's too early for details, former Zynga and EA employee Marko Lastikka will be the director. Helsinki is home to some of the "best gaming talent" on the planet, according to Netflix. This includes The Walking Dead game development company Next Games (which Netflix bought in March). Netflix has bought several such companies, including Boss Fight and Oxenfree developer Night School Studio, but hasn't made a game of its own until now.

We don't expect to see the fruits of this in-house studio for "years," according to Netflix. However, recent acquisitions show how the company's gaming strategy is evolving. Where Netflix initially depended on third-party games, including slightly tweaked versions of games already out there, it's increasingly focusing on truly unique projects that you won't find anywhere else.

In theory, more people will sign up for Netflix with the upcoming game library in mind. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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