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In the event he hosted Cupertino today, Apple introduced the new MacBook Pro. The latest version of the company's notebook is the thinnest and lightest MacBook Pro ever built. It will be available in two 13 and 15-inch variants.MacBook Pro

The 13 inch model is 14,9 mm thick and weighs 3 pounds, which means it is 17% thinner than its predecessor. The 15 inch model is 15,5 mm thick and has 20% less than volume from the latest MacBook Pro.

It has a multitouch-responsive OLED display that runs over and along the keyboard.

The new TouchBar has contextual buttons and controls to help you customize your settings and control the applications that are running. macbook-3

For example, it offers word suggestions while typing, like your phone keypad, and recommends folders for sorting your emails at the touch of a button.macbook-1

In addition, it has a Touch ID fingerprint sensor second generation that combined with an Apple T1 Chip will allow you to unlock your Mac safely and use Apple Pay for online online transactions. For those of you who are wondering when they went to the function keys, they will appear on the TouchBar when you need them. Support for TouchBar has been added to Pages, Keynote and Terminal.macbook-2

The new MacBook Pro also has a dedicated key for using Siri. The keyboard has "butterfly" switches for better response when typing, while the trackpad (has Force Touch) is double the model of 15 inches.

Apple reports that the screen of the new MacBook Pro is 67 percent brighter, offering 67 percent more contrast and 25% more colors than the previous generation. The screen thickness remains the same as a MacBook 12-inch screen. The built-in speakers of the device offer twice the bandwidth of sound compared to the latest model.macbook

The 15-inch model "wears" an i7 Intel Core processor clocked at 2133MHz. Combined with AMD's Polaris GPU it offers 4GB VRAM and up to 2.3x faster graphics performance. It has a huge Superfast SSD with a capacity of up to 2TB which is 50% faster than the latest generation with transfer speeds of 3,1 GB / s.

Apple says the 15-inch MacBook Pro will deliver significantly faster performance than the latter: 60% for gaming, 130% for 3D graphics, and 50% for video editing.

The 13 inch model offers a choice of dual-core i5 and i7 processors, and an Intel Iris GPU that is two times faster than the latest model.

As for the ports, both models come with four Thunderbolt-powered USB-C ports, which can be connected to USB, VGA, DisplayPort and HDMI devices, as well as power sources to charge the device.

The company also says that both models will offer more than 10 hours of lifetime with a full battery charge.

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