Avoid the NSA: Terrorist Protection Guide

How are terrorists protected by the US National Security Service (NSA)? Privacy guides created for journalists are being used by terrorist groups, according to Trend Micro researchers.

These drivers are designed to help prevent surveillance by nations-states and affluent rivals by using encryption, emphasizing operational security, and reporting unreliable platforms.Security Digital Spying NSA


"Some of these guides even mention the National Security Agency (NSA) and how to avoid surveillance."


The most common tip of these guides is to avoid devices with Android and iOS as it is the NSA target.

Trend Micro did not name a terrorist organization, but the drivers are used by at least seven nations like Hezbollah, al-Qaeda, Islamic State, Al-Nusra Front, and the Kurdistan Workers' Party.


Criminals such as data thieves and credit cards use similar applications and services with terrorists.

Terrorists use regular e-mail services, along with SIGAINT, Ruggedinbox, and Mail2Tor. They also use instant messaging applications such as Telegram with Signal.


Favorite document handling services to prevent espionage from the NSA include: top4top.net, Sendspace, and SecureDrop, preferably those in the Middle East.

Jihadi supporters who want to watch more, carry the propaganda papers to SIM cards and USB sticks.

The researchers enumerated many encryption applications and plugins that serve as an alternative to the protection of terrorists:


  • Mujahideen Secrets the first professional alternative to PGP.
  • Tashfeer al-Jawwal is one of the first "Islamic" encryption applications released on Jihadi forums in 2013.
  • Amaq is an Android app that is known to be used by terrorist organizations to disseminate information.
  • Alemarah is a new Android app that serves as a news distributor for terrorism-related actions.
  • Asrar al-Dardashah 2013 was released. It is a plugin and was developed to implement Pidgin messaging.
  • Amn al-Mujahed is an encryption program developed by the Al-Fajr Technical Committee.


None of the above Android apps exists on the Google Play Store.

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