Obama is in favor of strong encryption and the lamb in the fava

The President of the United States Barack Obama seems to be in favor of strong encryption, despite the counter-opinion of the secret services. obama lentils

Encryption is a hot topic for Law Enforcement Authorities in the West and some intelligence services have publicly protested about encryption that is now used by default in modern communication tools such as smartphones.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron recently launched the idea of ​​banning products using encryption because Britain's spies can not access several communication tools.

In an interview with Re / code, Obama said he was a "staunch supporter of strong encryption," adding, "I tend to lean more strongly on strong encryption than on law enforcement."

"Eventually everyone, and certainly my family and I, want to know that if we use a smartphone for transactions, messaging, private chats, a bunch of people will not be watching the process," Obama explained.

The president went on to claim that public concern about hindering investigations into terrorism is behind legislators' concerns about encryption.

Obama also acknowledged that Snowden's ongoing revelations have affected relations between Silicon Valley and the US government. "Snowden's revelations were really damaging to the trust between the government and many of these companies, in part because it had an impact on their profits.

Obama's statements, personally, seem very good to be true. They raise questions, such as what was the concern about terrorist attacks (the main reason that NSA and each NSA used to justify the snowdrop that Snowden revealed)?
Until recently, encryption hindered the work of secret services, and the US was opposed to the idea of ​​strong encryption. The displacement of Obama, which, in addition to the president of the United States, is also a patriot is not explained.

Unless secret service hackers managed to access any hidden crypt on the internet. Paranoia; Maybe. No matter how much we have been given a lot of stimulus for illusions lately.

I personally do not convince the President.

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