Offensive Security: The new Kali Linux 2018.1 is here

Offensive Security today announced the release of the first rolling version of 2018 for the penetration testing operating system, Kali Linux.

Kali Linux 2018.01 is the first Rolling (rolling) version of Kali Linux and comes after several months of research and development. Brings the latest and greatest penetration testing tools, as well as a new database synchronized with the software repositories of the operating system trial version Debian GNU / Linux.

The Kali Linux 2018.01 distribution provides, in addition to the latest tool and operating packages, a completely new security feature.

The new version, Kali Linux 2018.1, comes with Kernel 4.14.12.

"We are pleased to announce the release of Kali Linux 2018.1, which brings with it some exciting updates and features. The updated kernel provides more and better hardware support, as well as a host of updated tools. The support AMD Secure Memory Encryption - Secure Memory Encryption is a feature that will be enabled on all new AMD processors and will offer automatic encryption and decryption of DRAM. Adding these features means (theoretically) that systems will not be vulnerable to cold-boot attacks because even with physical access, memory will not be readable. ”

Additional details about the 2.018.01 version of Kali Linux can be found in the announcement new version.

Image Name Download Size version sha256sum
Linux Light Armel Times HTTP | Torrent 479M 2018.1 061616914d64ab8b444be9b27a90a6d75b251945d2c86b19b75cfa4bab98520e
Kali Linux 64 Bit HTTP | Torrent 2.9G 2018.1 ed88466834ceeba65f426235ec191fb3580f71d50364ac5131daec1bf976b317
Kali Linux E17 64 Bit HTTP | Torrent 2.6G 2018.1 022b6cd87b016cafcccd06063f42555424afbe975d7d31c5506a8dd527c24b53
Kali Linux 32 Bit HTTP | Torrent 2.9G 2018.1 b541a78a063b6385365ac00248631c4a18c92b8c4e3618db0b1bf751b495149f
Kali Linux Lxde 64 Bit HTTP | Torrent 2.7G 2018.1 f517a2947ffbab251bcf1066adb696249441b175c7150f45df12757d0f36d155
Kali Linux Where 64 Bit HTTP | Torrent 2.9G 2018.1 afecacef3ee75b5ef93c6ac4bf645f0c8b0212db22aa61e687c49157e6a170cc
Kali Linux Light 64 Bit HTTP | Torrent 846M 2018.1 e47646078a5f31a952e9b5243a292d61bf6fc7af0d325f996c1fb45e0f721286
Kali Linux Mate 64 Bit HTTP | Torrent 2.8G 2018.1 ce446ec46170163781587bfccb2f14ae094a038e462d33bdf3fc10660716befb
Kali Linux Xfce 64 Bit HTTP | Torrent 2.7G 2018.1 4d2b843bdf34957adda3dc5a399edf15db493be99f8361065fb8d3449c23220a
Kali Linux Light Armhf HTTP | Torrent 589M 2018.1 1a0e0f5707c96f8825fac43ad27818e361c7be1ffd74bb735e35e929f7458414
Kali Linux Light 32 Bit HTTP | Torrent 846M 2018.1 5bf5ac2b1bfa969527c5125c404049400f9df0c44dbeb5ed716135f040ef95dc
Kali Linux 64 bit VMware VM Available on  Offensive Security Download Page
Kali Linux 32 bit VMware VM PAE Available on  Offensive Security Download Page
Kali Linux 64 bit Vbox Available on  Offensive Security Download Page
Kali Linux 32 bit Vbox Available on  Offensive Security Download Page

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