And yet Donald Trump is building his own social media platform

The former US president really wants to return to social media with his own platform. His senior adviser confirmed it yesterday.

After he was denied access on almost every major social networking site on the planet in early 2021, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Shopify, former President Trump had stated that he would create his own platform. And finally he seems to mean it.

Last night, Trump's top adviser, Jason Miller, said on a show on Fox News that the former president will launch a new platform in two to three months.

"I think we will see President Trump return to social media in about two or three months, with his own platform. "And this is something I think will be the hottest ticket on social media, as it is going to completely redefine the game and everyone will be waiting and watching to see exactly what President Trump is doing."

Miller did not elaborate on the details, but said Trump had "high-level meetings" in Mar-a-Lago with various business groups, and that "many companies" approached Trump. . Finally, he added that he expects that this new platform will attract "tens of millions of people".

Trump and his supporters tried to activate themselves on the far-right social media Parler, after being denied access by the major platforms. However, due to the lack of protection of personal user data and posts that may incite violence, the Parler platform has moved away from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, and even the cloud hosting provider Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This is not the first time the former president has expressed a desire for a brand new social network. In January, Donald Trump called on Elon Mosk to create a new "impartial" platform, but received no response.

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