Opera 63 with enhancements to Private Browsing

Opera Software has released a new stable version of the browser. Along with various fixes and improvements, Opera 63 brings a number of changes to private browsing,

The main changes of Opera 63 are the following:

Opera 63

Private tour

Opera now displays a new welcome page for private browsing. Clearly describes what happens when you use private browsing, what information is not deleted and what exactly will be deleted.

Immediately after closing a private window, Opera will delete:

the Browsing History
Cookies and website data
and the information entered in forms

If you want to save some data while browsing, Opera can save:

Speed dials
File downloads and

If you decide to save a bookmark, Opera browser will remind you that the bookmark will be saved and will be visible to the bookmark manager, bookmark bar, or home page if you leave it private.

Save bookmarks

Based on user feedback, for a default bookmark storage location we set the bookmarks bar instead of a bookmark folder.

You can choose a different location in the pop-up window when saving. Later, you can use the bookmark manager to manage your saved bookmarks.

The complete changelog there is.

Download the new Opera 63


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